Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Maurita is at home

Dear all,
Apologies for the lack of communication this week:I took a little break, and I did not take my lap top! it was so liberating!
Anyhow, maurita went home this afternoon: she is in the own home, in her own bed, and is at this stage trying to avoid falling over the cats! She has mastered her zimmer frame (!) and she is a whizz on crutches. I know she is relieved to be back in her own home territory. It was her boys' 9th birthday today, so she was able to hobble with the help of Richard to the Mount Nelson for a little afternoon tea, and as she came home, the boys were taken to crazy- golf.What a wonderful present for them, to finally have Mom back.


Anonymous said...

good news. keep going m! we all love you SOOOOO much. margaux and rooken and kati amd jaxin xxxx

Anonymous said...

Just read this now, I am so glad to hear you are at home. Been thinking about you and wondering how you have been. I hope all is well, and that home and family are looking after you.