Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Testing at Zonnebloem

We tested 78 children on Tuesday: a very slick operation: Leigh Anne, Carrie and Amy Holter, our intern from the States, helped prepare all the test papers on Monday, and we all set to work on Tuesday. Carrie did a very thorough job of training all our new testers, and we finished in what seemed like record time. I am thrilled to say that we are ahead of schedule, and we are able to spend this morning ( Weds) analysing the results. Leigh Anne wrote a lovely letter to all the volunteers who helped us. If you would like to join us later this term, please let either let me know, or e mail your link. We would love to have more people to help us! A letter to all the vlunteers who helped us is below, x

'Dear Biddy, Gillian, Helen, Juliet, Sharon, Janine, Naeema, Dusty, Mathy, and Suraj,

On behalf of Kathryn and Maurita, I want to thank you so much for your willingness to help with the testing at Zonnebloem yesterday. It went so smoothly and swiftly that we did two days work in one!!

Carrie and Amy helped me prepare and set up the day before so it was thanks to them for the making it so efficient. Kathryn now has the job of assessing the results and seeing the level of progress our Shine children have made over the last two terms, compared to their other classmates.

Personally I found it so good to be able to meet the other children and see the varying levels of the whole grade – it was most encouraging, as well as motivating to work flat out with the more needy children for the rest of the year!!

The other good news is that Maurita is back home with her family and getting stronger every day!

It is thanks to you amazing Volunteers and obviously Maurita’s initial idea of starting The Shine Centre that these children can be supported and reach their full potential – Thanks Maurita!!!

See you all soon,


Leigh Anne Nathan'

Thank you Leigh Anne

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