Monday, 21 September 2009


Thank you to everyone for all your calls, letters, e mails, texts and messages of concern. This week has been quite a helter- skelter of emotions:it seems incredible that Maurita is as well as she is after just one week: she has been through quite an ordeal. We have spoken every day, and each day I can hear the strength returning to her voice. I have even started to joke a little with her, although I am very aware that it still hurts to laugh, poor thing!
She is taking great care of herself, and cannot fault the hospital: they are truly Nursing her with a capital N: it sounds like the team is very, very caring, and don't just see her as a number. This certainly must help in the healing process. They are very tender and kind with her, and have helped her in so many ways. She is getting along very well with her physiotherapy, and is optimistic that she will be home before too long. Come home safely.

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