Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Well wishes from one of our former early board members, Maureen Archer

We are huge fans of Maureen Archer, who was one of Maurita's lecturers at college, and one of the first Shine Trust members dating back to 2000.  It was lovely to hear from her this week...sometimes it feels the whole world is willing us on!

Dear Shining-Lights-for-Children's-Education

I am so filled with admiration and respect for the amazing spread of your
work for so many deserving children and teachers. It is truly empowering for
the whole system, and life changing for individuals like Siyamthanda and all
his peers who benefit from contact with Shine volunteers.

May you all continue to persist in your dedication and generosity of spirit that
is such an inspiration to teachers and learners everwhere.

Viva Shine!

Much love and enthusiastic support, 

Maureen Archer

Maureen Archer (right) with Helen Hoare, one of our Zonnebloem volunteers