Thursday, 10 March 2011

Salvione:The Outreach LINK centre in Jo Burg

We received a lovely newsletter from Margi and Yvonne this week. I wanted to share their progress with you: 
 'This is already our fifth week in operation of the Salvione link centre. This means that every Grade 2 and Grade 3 child at our school has had eight 45 minute sessions of almost private tuition, thanks to the volunteers.  On raising our heads in the middle of a session, hearing the gentle hum of encouraging volunteers’ voices and the staccato voices of little readers, seeing the kindness and patience in people’s faces and the delight in the children’s, and feeling the ground swell of purposeful work, we feel overwhelmed, it’s a bit like seeing a miracle unfold.  It is a privilege to be working on this programme with you all.  We feel strongly that we are making progress.'
 Margi and Yvonne
Looking through the photos this week, it was the concept of praise notes that really hit home. A simple idea that Maurita initiated a few years ago has traveled all the way to Jo Burg: it is with a sense of pride we realise that Shine OUTREACH is working effectively..... it spurs us on. It is incredible what a small group of dedicated people can do when they set their minds to it. We are full of admiration and hope. 

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