Sunday, 6 February 2011

A message from 'The Link Centre' at Salvazione School, Jo Burg

It is so exciting to know that our methods and systems are being adopted elsewhere in the country. Makes it all worthwhile......
Dear Kathryn

We’ve had two excellent days of training. We were delighted by the huge turnout of volunteers, I think 27 on Wed and about 22 yesterday. The sense of anticipation, willingness and commitment was palpable. We showed the paired and shared reading cds and it felt as if you, Maurita and Elizabeth were in the hall with us! They are excellent teaching tools. I enjoyed introducing you and described each of your roles in Shine with great humility and admiration. Yvonne acknowledged Shine strongly in her introduction and we are so grateful to be under your auspices and to have the privileged access to your intellectual material.

Yvonne is a remarkably calm, warm, measured and competent person who couldn’t be more perfect for the role of Centre Manager. I see a lot of Carrie’s amazing organisational skills in her. What luck for The Link. We’ve managed to finish the testing and the children’s workbooks are almost ready. The readers are almost all covered, the writing sheets are ready and various stationery has been purchased. Funding has become a challenge and I’m so delighted that we were able to buy the books before the drought. It’s all systems go for next week.

Warm regards


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