Friday, 5 February 2010

St Agnes, Woodstock

We have very quietly opened another centre, with very little fuss.Thank you, Ginette!

Most of you know Ginette from Observatory: she has agreed very kindly to start a centre for two days a week in this lovely little school. it is tucked away between Main Road Woodstock and the Biscuit Mill: a little gem, and a haven. Ginette has a few volunteers who come and help her twice a week, and I am meeting two potential new volunteers next week, who may be able to help her. We hope to add to her volunteer base over the next few months, so if anyone would like to get involved for an extra day, in a pared down version of Shine ( paired reading, shared reading and have- a- go- writing) please let us know!
We started negotiations with St Agnes last year, and I will blog 'before and after' photos next week.

Mr Louw and his team have worked tirelessly to sort out a room for us: with the help of a friend of Shine, Wallie Du Toit, we managed to buy readers for the centre, as well as enough books for take- home books. This a little seed that Ginette has planted, and we look forward to seeing it flourish and grow, just like Observatory did in the early days.

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Kesentseng V Tapela said...

Wonderful!! Well done to Ginette and we can't wait to see that Centre become another one of our success stories!
Looking forward to it...