Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sorry to say goodbye

Lenore and her family will be leaving Cape Town in the middle of February. I have been privileged enough to meet her family, and we have had a couple of delightful excursions.

The last adventure we had was to go and select books for Prestwich St..... look out for the books next term; each will have a little dedication in the inside cover, honouring each of the children that the books were bought for.

Lenore has instilled in her children the importance of giving, and not only have they given a book to represent each of the Birthday parties that they attended whilst they were living in Cape Town, they have also sponsored two Shine children for the next two years.

Half of this money was donated by the children themselves, who opted not to have gifts for Hanukkah late last year, but to instead donate the money towards our ' Sponsor a Child ' project. We were truly touched by their thoughtfulness, and we want to not only thank you all profusely for helping us on our journey at Shine, but to say we will truly miss the commitment and dedication you have show us.

We will not be losing Lenore completely, however: she has asked to be involved in Fund Raising in the USA for us: we have recently received our NGO status there: officially known as a 501 (3) k. This enables givers to donate and receive a tax break, ensuring an extra incentive to giving.

We wish you and your family all the best, and if you come back, we will welcome you as a long- lost friend. Thankyou, Lenore.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just took a look at the blog and am quite overwhelmed. What you wrote was beautiful and appreciated, and the children feel famous!

I am not the one who merits the space on that page. It is you and your team. You are the creators of a better future for these beautiful children of Africa. I am honored to know you and I look forward to helping in as successful a capacity as possible from America. We see so much adversity and struggle here in this beautiful country. SHINE is a beacon of hope that this rising generation will have a brighter future. Lenore