Wednesday, 21 October 2009

News on Maurita

Thank you all for your continued concern about Maurita. She has strained her ankle slightly by doing too much, so has very sensibly been sent back to bed! I am seeing her this afternoon for a bedside meeting, so I will pass on all your best wishes! She hopes to be fully back in the running (!) by the middle of December, when she will be able to drive, but in the meantime, she is our power-house think- tank, blue- sky, dream -the- impossible- visionary.driving quietly and firmly from behind. A time to think. Not only blissful,but imperative. Something we should all try and do more of, without the drastic measures Maurita went to! Just be. Time out. A time to revive and refresh, and come back with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, direction and energy.

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