Sunday, 25 October 2009

Filming 'Paired Reading' and 'Have a Go Writing,' 23rd Oct, 2009

Elizabeth and Hilda, one of her colleagues, plus Tam, our film producer/director. Not to forget our wonderful team of six Prestwich Street children.

Yet another fruitful morning spent with Elizabeth Nadlir Nir, our invaluable remedial expert. She is a genius of note, and could have been an actress in another life! She has such a rapport with the camera (and needless to say, with the children!) that it is a joy to watch her work: I learn something new each time I am with her: she is an inspiration to us all at The Shine Centre. Our aim during the filming session: to film short, sharp ' slices' of training: neatly packaged into small, bite- size pieces: 15 minutes tops.

This will serve two purposes: it will enable us to deliver 'on site' training in each of our centres: the DVDs will serve as a 'top up' for our already skilled volunteer base. The large, 3 hour trainings that Elizabeth provides are vital, but it is soundly proven that quick, easily accessed information is very effective when dealing with a voluntary wok force: we acknowledge that our volunteers want to be supported along the way, regardless of how skilled and confident they are. Consequently, the films that we have created will serve as a valuable resource, post editing!

In addition, we recognise that we have schools queueing up to have their own Shine Centre ( 20 at the last count) and we want to be able to deliver something to them by the end of the year. With the generous help of the Ackerman Foundation, we have Elizabeth's input for another year. We strive to ensure that the training becomes self -supporting: once we have filmed each area of our Shine training programme, we can professionally share with other schools, however remote they are.

The sessions that we have filmed recreate various learning scenarios, and help de -mystify something that appears complex, but is in fact, very simple. The process of helping a child overcome the anxiety of reading: to help nurture our Grade 2's and 3's to become confident willing readers: this is the bottom line.

Thank you to Carrie and Amy for assisting us with the children, and for keeping them fresh and attentive during the filming process. Huge thanks to Candice and Tam of 'Actcape, 4 Loop St' for our studio time. They supported this fully, with no charge. Our web of care grows wider. Humbling.

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