Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fun and games

Thanks to the dedication of the wonderful centre managers and their 'head girls,' who very ably and willingly prepared the games into files, D-day has arrived. A special mention to Leigh Anne at Zonnebloem, who spent a long time sorting and filing over the last few days so that we could get cracking. No time like the present! We have another training planned next week for our managers: the key to using the games is by helping all our volunteers to get very familiar with them: they are too precious a tool not to use in every session! 

I taught this morning, as normal, at my 9.00am slot at Zonnebloem. It is always one of the most rewarding parts of my week: I love being able to keep in touch with the children, and to know what works and what doesn't. I also find it is easier to relate to the frustrations of the volunteers and the centre managers, and of course, it keeps the teacher in me alive and kicking! 
This morning was a very special morning, as we were able to start using the long- awaited games. I so enjoyed playing the 'first sounds lotto' with Vincent, my little boy. The time we have spent putting these together has all been worth it.... his little face lit up at the almost edible pictures and delicious colours. Oh, happy days!

The importance of play

Boxed and ready to roll...
A selection of the appendices: teaching aids to enhance and consolidate the learning taking place.