Thursday, 8 December 2011

A testimonial from one of our French overseas interns, Guillaume.

We are so lucky to have incredible young people who come to South Africa to  help us in the centres. We recently received this lovely letter from Guillaume.

 'I really enjoyed the (Shine) experience. I learned a lot during the (last) month and half. I  learned about myself, human relationships, the English language...... education, the South African culture...... so for me it was an amazing experience! All the people I met were very friendly and gave me a lot. 
I remember my first day in the Shine Centre when a little girl wrote on her drawing book that she loved me; it was very cute! I remember too when one of my children spoke to me about the problems in his family....... I was very moved to hear his confessions, and happy to give him my help. 

(Shine) is a very good project for overseas volunteers, and for me it was a pleasure to give my time. Thanks a lot, 
Best regards,
Guillaume Loiseau.'