Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A South African Celebrity Visits the Zonnebloem Shine Centre

Siv, a well known South African actor, came and gave a wonderful pep talk to the Zonnebloem Boys School on 15 August.  

The boys loved Siv, and of course, many of them recognised him from TV.  

Siv spoke about growing up in Gugulethu before moving to Pinelands. His mom is a school principal and she always encouraged Siv to try his best in school. Siv used the opportunity to talk about the importance of listening in school, completing homework and trying hard.

Siv also told the children about his acting career.  He asked a few of the boys what they want to do when they finish school.  There are quite a few budding doctors, lawyers and football players at Zonnebloem. He explained to the boys that they need to finish Grade Twelve and then they must go to university. He then answered the boy's questions-- one boy wanted to know if Siv lived with his father.

Siv spent some time with a couple of the Zonnebloem classes, and then he came up to the Shine Centre to see what happens during a Shine session.

Visit Siv's website to find out more about him. 

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