Sunday, 17 April 2011

Art Supplies donated by St Leonard's School, Banbury, Oxon, in the UK

 I want to share news of the donations Kelly Harding, a volunteer from Prestwich, has received for The Shine Centre and the school over the last 6 months. 
Kelly used to work at St. Leonards Primary, in Banbury, Oxon,in the UK. She approached her old school last year, asking for donations of any art resources at Christmas-time, and they were very generous. She notes that this was a problem for her as she had to pack it all into her suitcase to sneak back here! The school donated several sets of paints, brushes, glitter, glue sticks, reading books, puzzles, felt tips, pencil crayons, pastels and fabric crayons. All these have been distributed between Shine and Prestwich School grade ones.

St Leonards also donated a box of 100 pencils, white board pens, reading books, colouring books, post it pads, sellotape, pins and clips, rulers, rubbers, flash cards, sets of scissors, colouring pencils and felt tips. A BIG thank you to Kelly for the work she is doing at Prestwich, and to  the staff at St Leonards Primary in Banbury for their thoughtfulness and generosity. 

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