Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Time To Think....January 2011.

From left to Right: Kerry White, Elizabeth Nadler Nir, Kathryn Torres, Michael Heuermann, Maurita Gynne Weissenberg, Carrie Mashek and Bea Volbrecht
We started the New Year off with Michael Heuemann, who sponsored a two day workshop on The Thinking Environment. Michael led us through a variety of scenarios, empowering us with the tools to do our very best thinking. It was a powerful and practical workshop, and we are already feeling the benefits of the work we did with him. Not only are we feeling inspired for this year, but our meeting time has been reduced considerably, and the time we spend together is both productive and calm. One of the most salient points we picked up and have implemented is to ensure that everyone gets a voice, without interruption: a powerful and creative tool. Huge thanks to Michael for sharing his time and expertise.    

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