Saturday, 16 October 2010

Outreach Workshop, 2010

We ran a day long workshop last week for five potential new centres. We were very happy with the way it went, and we look forward to hearing the progress of the people who attended. Margi Bashall from Joburg blogged the following after the workshop: "By Thursday, I was up to a meeting at Salvazione school about the Shine Centre system of managing volunteer energy in schools to its best advantage. It is an obvious fit and the positive energy and enthusiasm was astounding. Plainly, one of us needed to get to Cape Town to see a functioning Shine Centre so that we could move ahead with Joburg immediacy.
I booked a flight on Sunday morning and was on my way at 2.15. What a thrill to be fully engaged with a project of such significance. Leigh-Anne was my competent and delightful guide and companion for Monday and Tuesday. I saw two fully functioning centres and attended a formal seminar about setting up a centre. It was a privilege to be among people of such integrity and competence. Their standards are uncompromisingly high, their system is professional and their commitment to education absolute. I am hoping to be a conduit that brings this Shine Centre model to bolster promary education in Joburg.I know this work is healing." Thank you Margi for such supportive words. 

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