Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Karen, our new link, joined us 3 weeks ago: she will be running our Zonnebloem  Centre for the foreseeable future. I asked karen for a message to put on the blog, and here are her reflections:
"I can't believe that I have only been at the Zonnebloem Shine Centre for one week.  I already feel part of the Shine  family and even know quite a few of the children's names.The volunteers who work at Zonnebloem are all enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to the Shine philosophy "Words can change Worlds". Certainly my world has been changed by Shine. 
 I love walking into the classrooms to fetch our Shine learners and they stand up and sing "Good morning Mrs Shine Centre and welcome to our class".
 I love reading and have always had the privilege of being able to read as many books as I can get my hands on and to be able to impart a love of books and reading to children is an honour and I hope that these Shine children will develop a lifelong love of reading too."

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