Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Career Expo at Reddam Senior School

Tessa Gauntlett and Didi Franklin joined Jill Bowden at a careers evening organised by Reddam school last week.
Jill writes
'Having ( Tessa and Didi) there was great, both being keen advocates of Shine (and we actually really enjoyed ourselves!). So BIG THANKS from me to them for their moral support. 
The Careers Expo was well organised by the school counsellors, Ernest Garthoff and Michelle Schreuder.
About 30 stands -  various tertiary education centres and a substantial group of stands promoting gap year options - so we were NOT out of place!The gap year stands were grouped together. A couple of those stand holders showed  interest in us  and suggested that a stint for a student at Shine would certainly be very valuable to those going on to do other volunteer work overseas, au pairing or gap year USA etc. that they were promoting later in their gap  year.The Shine banner was just right for such a function.
They gave us a wide table with navy tablecloth so our bright yellow leaflets and the business cards were very eye-catching. These are mostly what we handed out - being cheap and providing the essential web info.We photocopied some of the pictures from the flip file to give a quick visual impression of what Shine is about.
Tessa had printed extracts from the blog of the two Amys that have recently left, us to have a bit of material to connect (age wise) with potential gap students.When people showed real interest, they could look through the flip file.

The pupils were probably mostly grade 10 and 11's - many with parents in tow. We talked to parents as well as pupils so hopefully raised the profile of Shine generally.'

We are hoping to develop this as a concept for all our major senior schools in and around Cape Town: we see the value of the overseas gap students who come and join us at Shine: we would love to promote the idea of our own South African students working with us as part of their 'year out.' Thank you to all of you for your initiative, and for getting this organised so swiftly. We look forward to developing the idea going forward!  

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