Saturday, 12 December 2009

Parent Workshop 1st December 2009, Prestwich St

Over 80 Grade R parents attended our parent workshop on the 1st of Dec.Sally joined me again, and I know we both look forward to a time she is running these with the help of the school link.

We talked the parents through the sounds of the alphabet, along with the movements, the importance of paired reading, and the significance of the key 100 words.

After the workshop, their grade R children graduated, with gown and mortar board... !

The significance of these workshops cannot be under- estimated: we hand out packs that have a book in them, worksheets with the key 100 words on them, a book mark, and a step- by- step sheet on how to do paired reading, plus the sounds and actions of the alphabet.

Our hope is that by focusing on the early years, we will cut out the amount of children who end up needing to come to us in Grade 2.

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