Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A snapshot from Zonnebloem, by Leigh Anne Nathan.... 10th November 2009

Oh what fun!! We had every desk, and every (broken) stool in use today for both sessions!! Ariella and Colleen are great! Penne Tompkins was there as well! Unfortunately Nobuntu arrived a bit late and was sick with a tummy bug, so between the two sessions I promptly dropped her back at the station to go home and get better, with money for airtime to sms me in future if she can’t make it.

I asked Dusty and Penne work with the two girls who have jumped up to 'Good,' in fact, 'Very Good,' and I treat it as an acceleration session for them! They now only come once a week so we can use Volunteers for the other weaker kids.

Oh, the point of this e-mail was that we will need to address replacing the stools for next year!

Cheers, Leigh Anne

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