Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Nick Wiltshire ran the Three Peaks for Shine on Saturday the 7th of November 2009

Thank you Nick: and an amazing time he made it in: Nick came 17th overall, with a time of just over seven hours.
The three peaks involved were Devil's Peak, Table Mountain,via Platterkloof Gorge, and finally Lions Head.
What made it very interesting was that the course involved starting in Long Street at 5am in the morning ( according to Carrie, Nick's Fiance, the late night revelers were still at it!) and then running up each of the three peaks, and returning to Greenmarket Square each time, before attempting to run up the next mountain... Nick looked as fresh as a daisy on finishing... I am sure he had a short nap in the afternoon before jogging along his beloved beachfront that afternoon... well, maybe not...... Nick ran for Shine, with his very own Shine shirt on: a few photos of the man of the moment, with part of his welcoming team: TEAM NICK FOR SHINE!

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