Friday, 6 November 2009

Filming and Training

On October 31st, Shine held a large training for eight new and eager volunteers. The training was unique because it was held at a film studio, where the event was taped to be used as introductory material for new volunteers in the future. The fabulously dynamic Elizabeth Nadler Nir led the group through the four segments of literacy hour, explaining in detail the purpose and technique behind have-a-go writing, paired and shared reading and literacy games 1-20. She utilized videos made in the past for each part. At times, some of the group was moved to misty-eyed awe over the children’s willingness to learn and the program’s ability to reach them. The session lasted almost three hours, and the brand new volunteers left with a much greater sense of their role as teacher and mentor for Shine learners. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it possible and we look forward to the completion of the video!

~Amy Holter

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